Friday, January 23, 2009

Pies, Antiques, and Egg Rolls

After finding out it was National Pie Day I decided to make a pie. I had everything I needed for a chocolate pie. I put too much butter in the graham cracker crust, but it was still pretty tasty. Not the most creative pie to make for National Pie Day, but it's vintage.

Speaking of vintage, Bruce and I were out on our date and popped into a new antique and thrift store he found the other day. There were two high school year books there that he bought because his dad was in them.

His dad is the little fellow there, front row, middle. We always wondered who Harrison gets his build from and now we know! He even stands like him. It's hilarious.

Also in that book was Bruce's Aunt Dessie. Wasn't she purdy? She still is! She must have been quite popular because we found several pictures of her and she was involved in a lot of school activities. These year books were an exciting find!

After leaving the shop, which I think we'll be visiting often, we stayed in town and ate at an Asian buffet restaurant we like to go to.

My sweetheart!

My sweetheart's sweetheart!

We had a nice time today and enjoyed a cowboy flick with the kids when we got home with their pizza....followed by a slice of chocolate pie. After all, it IS National Pie Day!