Saturday, January 10, 2009


The children spent Friday night with my parents taking down their Christmas decorations and tree to put them back into the storage building. And to also spend some time with them. When I picked them up this morning for bus church, their living room looked so much bigger. It's funny how much room a Christmas tree takes up.

While the children were gone, I went with Bruce to run his errands. Funny how his errands sometime include his favorite pawn shop and music store, which is conveniently located in the basement of the pawn shop.

We made our way to the basement where Bruce has been drooling over a rather nice guitar. It did, indeed, have a nice sound. When he begins to itch for a new guitar, he simply visits a music store and plays one or two...or five or and the playing scratches that itch away. For a while anyway. ha!

Before going home we stopped to eat at Pizza Hut.

No make up! Don't tell.

We ordered the new Panormous, which Bruce had fun saying over and over again. Finding ways to use it in a sentence. The poor waitress had to hear him use the word several times also. lol
It's been a panormous day today and I am tired. I took a nap while Bruce watched the Panthers lose to Arizona. I woke up a few times, but just couldn't get my eyes to widen and focus as much as they should and ended up falling back to sleep each time. I could definitely go back to sleep now. So, goodnight!