Monday, January 26, 2009

Sigma Cookout!

The Speed team in Sigma had an indoor cookout and time in the gym for our youth group Saturday. Jacob did the grilling for the cookout. Great job, Jacob! We appreciated you doing that.

We were somewhat disappointed that less than half the kids showed up, but the ones that did seemed to have a good time. The kids normally don't have time to just sit down and talk, but they did this weekend. It was good to see them actually fellowship with one another.

Next month is our teams turn to plan an outing. I have no idea what they've decided. There's one thing that is being discussed, I believe, but we won't know for sure until this week...maybe.
There was a little problem with the grill. Apparently whoever cleaned it forgot to turn the gas tanks off. So one was empty and one was nearly empty. It took FOR.EVER to grill the burgers and dogs.

Mrs. Liz and Crystal

Jeremy and his "evil eye."

Jamie and Caleb




Eatin' Time!

Justin C....PEACE!
lots of peace at our outing!

C J Lookin' for cheese!

Garrett...I can never get a good picture of him. He's always moving. So I had to get this one when he sat down to eat. What does he do? Holds a burger in front of his face! I don't think he does it on purpose. It's just always horrible timing! I'll get him this year though.



Raven and Alexis



Jeremy and Gary

Evan and Spencer...Brother RJ was pinching Spencer's face with a tong. Not just looked like it.

Hannah and Moriah...don't you just love Moriah's socks? I do!

We don't know who this is. LOL

Bruce had fun playing hacky-sack with some of the boys. They played that game for a while.

I liked this shot of Jeremy. He was kicking off the hacky-sack.