Sunday, January 11, 2009

I was pleasantly surprised to see Twinmama and her family visiting our church tonight. I was so thrilled to see them walk through the doors. I hope they enjoyed the services as much as we enjoyed having them there. I was a bad blogger though, and did not get a picture of them. Maybe NEXT time.

Here is a new group in the making! Me, Dana, and Missy. I had fun tonight practicing with them. I think it's going to work out nicely.

Brother Chris is a great bass player. He also plays the Dobro in the bluegrass group. But I have to say he was quite on cloud nine tonight as he gleefully talked with a grimacing Bruce about the Panther's loss to the Cardinals. Aren't Christians supposed to encourage and uplift one another?

I like this picture, although a little blurry, of Brother Arnold. He is such a wonderful Christian and our church loves him so much. He's sitting here reading his Bible, which is something you'll see him doing often. He is also a prayer warrior!

After church tonight, Sigma had an afterglow of pizza, desserts, and silliness. Speaking of silly, here is my friend Crystal. Nice, huh?
This is our friend Mike. You know, the one that doesn't like his picture taken...obviously?

But now, here is a little girl that LOVES to have HER picture taken. She's cheesin' here with Mrs. Kim.

Ashlyn looked like a sweetheart in her pretty hair bow. She was chewing ice, in case you're wondering what was in her mouth.

Rebecca gave a pose for the camera!

And so did Mrs. Diane.

Logan did NOT want his picture taken, but after chasing him around his mother's skirt a few times, I GOT him!

And last but not least, here is a picture of Mrs. Liz's sister. She's down visiting from Massachusetts (am I correct) and this was the only pic I got of her. Sorry, Liz! Anyway, it was nice to have her and her friend visiting with us today.
And here's a little bit of one of our groups singing That's the Grace Way. Hope you had a terrific Sunday. We sure did, seeing the alter full and one saved tonight! You know what? That's the grace way!