Sunday, January 4, 2009

Over the next few days I'll be sharing pictures and videos from Saturday. One of the girls on our Sigma team, and her family, gave Bruce and me tickets to the New Year's singing in Spartanburg for Christmas. The featured guests were The McKamey's, The Inspirations, The Primitives, and The Diplomats. We were very excited.

Spartanburg is about an hour away so we don't exactly spend a lot of time there. We thought that once we neared the auditorium we would most likely be surrounded by lots of restaurants, but this was not the case. Once we found the auditorium, we traveled back up the road to find a place to eat and ended up at a little restaurant called Big Daddy's. They were locally owned, much like the Mountainview here in our town. The food was good and they sure did pile it on.

There were all sorts of vintage toys in the restaurant.

The atmosphere was light and the other people there eating seemed to enjoy it as much as we did.

The first group up to sing were the Diplomats. We've never heard them so we were interested in what they would sound like. We enjoyed them very much. And this lady here had a set of lungs on her like I've never heard!

This gentleman is the above lady's husband. He just had bypass surgery a month ago and wasn't supposed to be doing a lot of singing. He gave his testimony, though, and was very sweet.

Their piano player was very good. He could really "tickle the ivories" so to speak.

The one holding the guitar is their son and the other man on the right was their bass singer. He was hilarious.

And since the dad wasn't able to sing much, Matt Dibler filled in for him and did a great job.

Here they are singing Come and Dine.

Thank you, Mike, Kim, Taylor, and Madison. We had a WONDERFUL time!