Saturday, June 5, 2010

Taking a Stroll

Bruce has been so sick the last couple of weeks and before that we had so much going on with Justin's graduation and Hannah's birthday that we really haven't seen much of each other. So last night was a good date night for us. Even though we're together everyday, I've missed him. Doesn't make much sense to some people, I'm sure, but I've needed time with my darlin'.

We ate supper at Mi Pueblito and then took a walk on the new Gateway Trail uptown.

This sign explains the trail, but if you can't read it, it says that the trail will eventually link fifteen counties in North and South Carolina.

Bruce was showing me on the map which trail we were on.

They have a nice little picnic area with a couple of grills.

And plenty of tables.

I thought this was pretty. You know the white fluffy seeds that blow through the air? I don't know what they're called...anyway, this little pond was covered in them and it was so pretty.

We stopped for a couple of pictures. :D

The path was like this about the whole way. We heard birds chirping and singing. They sounded so sweet.

This little guy was sliming his way across the path too. He seemed to be making pretty good time....considering he's a snail.

There was so much kudzu. I know kudzu grows like crazy in these parts, but I have never seen so much, ever! Maybe I've just never paid attention. But it surprised me how much of it covered the area and surrounding area.

More path and....more kudzu.

I'm wondering which way my brother in law goes when he runs.

I spotted some Queen Anne's Lace on the trail. Pretty, no?

And of course there were other pretties along the way that makes me smile at how much God loves us to create even the smallest of beauties.

Psalm 139:14 "....marvelous are thy