Monday, June 28, 2010

Off To Camp He Goes!

Harrison woke up an excited young man this morning. He was ready to hit the road to spend his first week at camp.

He and Matt were BOTH excited young men!! The talked and carried on the whole ride up.
After Tammy and I road and searched and drove and searched, asked an older gentleman at the recycling center where it was, and then asked someone directions to the camp, who called someone they knew that worked at the camp, we finally found the camp.

The facilities were great.

This is the chapel. This is where we checked in and they would have chapel services each night.

I'm guessing these were the old cabins the campers used to stay in.

This one was a craft cabin.

There's a lake if they want to use a canoe or go paddle boating.

A volleyball court and a place to play basketball.

This building had a wonderful mural on the side. It's the game room.

When we checked the boys in, they were assigned their cabin, so off we went!

This is the cafeteria.

And signs like this are important to campers. You know....drinks, candy bars, etc...

Their cabin looked like a new facility.

They were the first ones in the cabin and chose lower bunks across from each other.

Matt was making himself comfortable. :)

There were two other rooms like this one besides the one they were in.

Their bathroom/shower was in the back of the cabin.

Tammy and I nearly killed ourselves showing the boys how to play tether ball.

They have archery and horseback riding too. Unless he's died, one of those horses is the same one I was riding when I broke my leg years ago. Hope Harrison doesn't get him. LOL

As we walked the boys back down to the chapel area, two counselors came out and rushed them down the hill to the game room for some play time while the other campers checked in.
And off they went. I know they'll have a terrific time. I'm sure there will be lots of funny stories told when they get back!