Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Father's Day To You...IV

Before I tell you about Bruce, I wanted to ask you to pray for a little cousin in our family. His name is Austin Heffner. He was bitten by a tick a couple of weeks ago and last night they rushed the little guy to the children's hospital with a fever of 107. Last I heard he was holding steady between 99 and 101. The doctor's are pretty positive it is Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. I'm sure Austin and his parents would appreciate all of your prayers!!


Today is the fourth day of Bruce's Happy Father's Day to You week. I made a video of him coming in the house this morning and us singing to him, but for some reason, that one minute and few second clip wants to take forty minutes to an hour to upload. So I'll load it tonight and you can see it tomorrow. For now, we have pictures.

He had already received his gift and was reading his card. He LOVED his gift today. Although, he has no self control with it and predicts a massive headache from it.

Yep...FOUR GIANT SIZE HERSHEY MILK CHOCOLATE BARS. One from each of us! Why? Because he's sweet.

I hope you enjoy your candy bars, babe. I love you! And remember...they come in little blocks for rationing.....or sharing. *wink* *wink*

Happy Father's Day to you, honey. You're soft and cuddly, you can fix anything, you're a great pop, and you're sweet.