Friday, June 18, 2010

HAPPY...............BIRTHDAY.....................TO YOU

We interrupt this week long Father's Day tribute to wish our oldest son, Justin, a very happy, HAPPY 18th Birthday.
One thing has always been consistent in Justin's life, besides his love for God, and that is music. From the time he was a little fellow he would sit and listen and soak up everything about it.
This was taken at a Choir Christmas party. I always loved the way he was looking at his dad and grandpa.

He began playing the trumpet when he was eight and then, not long after, he picked up stringed instruments and the harmonica. Right now he's trying his talent with the saxophone. He'll play anything you put in his hands. Here he is on another birthday playing the mandolin my daddy gave him, which belonged to my grandpa. Paw Paw died when Justin was two months old. I think he would have LOVED sitting on his front porch just listening to him play and sing.

I don't know if he has an instrument of choice, but he sure can play a guitar. He takes after his daddy with this instrument.

Besides being talented, he is loving, respectful, has a great sense of humor, gets along with pretty much anyone. You have to really be pushing him for him to yell at you. In other words, he's a pretty gentle fellow. LOL He's a hard worker, a friend to everyone he meets, a good example to the younger and even some of us older. He's faithful, he's trustworthy, and he's my son!

I love you, Justin.