Thursday, June 3, 2010

Exciting Things Going On

A couple of weeks ago, Hannah and I went with Kelsey and her mom, Jeannie, to take some Senior pics of Kelsey. I had the best time with them. It was a lot of fun.

The one below was my favorite, but then I thought they were all beautiful. You can see more of her pics by clicking here.

Last Friday night, we celebrated with Katherine, a young lady in our youth group, as she graduated from High School. It was a wonderful service and we were pleasantly surprised to find out Brother Whetstone would be preaching the service. We love to hear him preach.

Congratulations, Katherine!! We know the Lord has something special for you!!
Last Saturday the bluegrass group played for the wedding of Brother Dusty and Mrs. Anna. Here are two of the many pics I took there. I don't want to share them all until they're back from their honeymoon and she's been able to see them.

The wedding was held inside a barn. I know what you must be thinking, but I assure you, it was a beautiful setting! The barn is in use, but not for animals. It is actually a church building now. They removed the chairs and put down bales of hay for the seating. It was a very beautiful and rustic setting.

After the wedding, we moved outside for the reception. The bluegrass group played under a beautiful tree. The shade was perfect for them, considering the temperature was a little high. But there was a gentle breeze that would blow from time to time and it was wonderful.

Everything seemed to go smoothly and there was a lot of excitement and joy in the air. I had the opportunity to help do a few things for the reception. Mrs. April did a great job keeping things going for that. It was a big job.

Congratulations to Anna and Dusty. We wish you the very best.

Another thing going on is our church is getting ready to add on to our current building. We are so excited and happy about the new addition.

Bruce and I went to check things out last Thursday when the bluegrass group met to practice for the wedding and Brother Wayne showed us all the progress that has taken place so far.

He was like a little kid as we listened to him prattle on about where the building would start and end, where the Sunday School classes and music room would be. The teacher's work room, the gym, etc.

His excitement rubbed off on us!! I can't wait for it to be finished.