Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Special Graduation Service and A Visit From the Auntie

This was the graduation cake the church did for our high school graduates. It turned out beautiful. I never did get a slice of it, but I hear it was delicious. LOL We had a special afterglow following the service because this is the largest graduating class that has come through our church. Most all of them were born in this church. There were eleven high school grads, one college grad, and six K5 grads.

The graduates lined up in the hall before church started. I have no idea what kind of story Justin was telling Jeremy here. There's no tellin'.

What a trio!

They marched in with Mrs. Tammy playing Pomp and Circumstance.

The youth choir sang, of course.

And then all the graduates sang a special song, Sheltered By His Grace. It was a perfect song for this service and Parker did an excellent job playing the piano for them. I'll share that video as soon as I get a chance.

Pastor honored the K5 grads first. They were so cute. And then he honored the high school and college graduates.
Each K5 grad received a study Bible and the high school and college graduates received a Scofield Bible, all signed by Pastor Goodman.

They were given an opportunity to say something to the church about what they feel is God's will for their future at this time.

At the afterglow, the moms had decorated a table for their child. Here's Justin at his table. A cool balloon, a gazillion pictures and picture album, one of his SIGMA trophies, some kind of muffler piece from his Auto Body classes, the programs from his graduations, a little diploma, a candle (which I never did get around to lighting), and a bowl of mints. Which was funny to put on the table, but everyone seemed to enjoy them. ha haaa!

Here's an old picture of Justin and Evan that Evan's mom had on Evan's table. This was their first year in SIGMA. I can't believe how small they were here.

It was a wonderful service and very emotional. What a great time we had in the Lord and the fellowship after was wonderful too!


My dad's sister was in town this week. We all gathered at my parent's home for dinner last night. Here's mom holding the roast my brother John had smoked.

My sister-in-law, Jenny, posed for me on her little miata. lol

And this was all of us...except Jenny, who was taking the picture. From left to right is Auntie, me, John, mom, Hannah, daddy, Bruce, Justin, and Harrison in front of Bruce.

My Auntie and me. :D

We finished the evening with ice cream cones. Bruce really loves ice cream...especially when it's in a chocolate dipped cone.