Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This and That and This

Harrison and I are home alone today. Well, technically, Bruce is here, but he's sleeping. So it's just me and Harry. I MIGHT...big might there... take him uptown and let him play in the fountains. Kids seem to enjoy that. Lots of fun. They just push a button and the fountains come up. Maybe we'll go ride our bikes on the Gateway trail too. He's not been feeling too great this week so I don't know if we'll do this today or not.

Hannah has been praying about something close to her heart and God has already started opening doors for her financially. She's started saving her money and is getting very excited about it. This "special something" takes place in about a year or so from now, I think. It's good to sit back and watch God open doors for your children when they want to do something for Him.

Justin is gearing up for the Fire Academy in the fall. He has repelling class this Saturday and is really looking forward to that. Wish I could go watch...and of course take pictures. But I don't think he'd want his mommy there for that. Do you?

By the way, those of you that prayed for little Austin, thank you! He was sent home a couple of days later and he's doing good!! Doctors ran all kinds of tests and are just scratching their heads to what was wrong with him. But I believe the Lord healed him with all the prayers that were offered up for him. God is still in the healing business!! :)

We have a busy weekend ahead of us. I don't know if I'm ready for it or not. LOL But! Ready or not, here it comes!