Thursday, June 10, 2010

Who Likes Free More Than Me??

Justin left for the mountains this morning with his friend and their family. There were actually five of our senior boys from church going. I know they're having a great time. I hope Justin thought to take the camera with him. Would love to see some fun pics of them.


I haven't mentioned this on the blog yet, but wanted to let you in on something I've been doing for a couple months now. I kind of wanted to test it out before promoting it. Just to make sure everything was up to par, if you know what I mean? And you know what? It is!!

If you scroll back up and look over to the right of my sidebar you'll see a Search and Win banner. There is also a swidget at the very bottom of this blog. I have joined a group called Swag Bucks. I had some serious reservations before joining and kind of just watched my friends as they did it. It was when a friend bought a Wii for her husbands birthday and never spent a dime on it that I decided to join.

Since then, I have accumulated $50 in Amazon gift cards and I'm almost ready to purchase $25 more in those gift cards too!! I thought I had more and then after looking things over, I realized I added things up wrong....SO DISAPPOINTED!! But hey, I still have free money in gift cards waiting on me to spend it when I'm ready. I'm saving up for something special.

Anyway, I thought there would be some kind of scheme tied to it. Like spamming emails or something like that. But spams. How about giving them a credit card number? NOPE! You don't do that either. What about purchasing things from their Swag store? Only if you want to. I haven't really seen anything worth spending my swag bucks on, so I keep them to purchase my Amazon cards. I have found that it's the best deal on the site to purchase the $5 Amazon cards, which are 450 swag bucks a piece. By the way, they have LOTS of different gift cards to order. But again...I LOVE the Amazon cards. If you know anything about Amazon, it's like a virtual mall. You can find pretty much everything there.

How do you win swag bucks? Just by using their search engine! It's that easy. You can do it from their site or download the toolbar. Which is what I did. Several times a day I'll search anything that comes to mind. Sometimes I'll just type in "facebook" or "thimble thoughts" and I'll win anywhere between 6 and 14 swag bucks. I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but several times a day I'll win. Plus they have special codes that show up on their blog or their toolbar. It's really that simple.

You should give it a try. I am dead serious when I say that something that sounds too good to be true, usually is...but not swag bucks. It really is too good to be true, but it's true. I have had so much fun earning my swag bucks and working toward my special prize. LOL

If you're interested in signing up, just click the icon at the top of my sidebar and start earning your way to FREE MONEY!!! :D

Happy Swagging!