Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day To You...V

And now back to our regularly scheduled blogging....

Today (Saturday) was day six of our Happy Father's Day week for Bruce. As with every morning this week, the kids and I greeted Bruce with a song and a gift. Here you see him with, I THINK, a piece of his candy bar in his mouth and he was dancing as we sang to him. LOL It was so hilarious.

Today we gave him a $10 gift card to Burger King because he's the king of his castle.

Reading his card. :)

Yesterday, we gave him a DVD about a dad that wants to control life...which is something Bruce works pretty hard at. LOL
Happy Father's Day, Bruce!! You're soft and cuddly, you can fix anything, you're a great pop, you're sweet, you're in control, and you're the king of your castle!