Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Little Darlins'

My little angels are spending the day with us today. We always get excited when they come over. They're just part of our family. Always have been and always will be. These girls are so special to us.
Celine just lost her two front teeth. Is that not ever so cute???? I love it!

Besides being the cutest little things ever, they're just little dolls.

Celine and Harrison jumped out of the back of Bruce's truck, but Carissa wasn't so sure about it. So she just watched.

But then decided she wanted to and that anything they could do, she could do better!

Yep, I have more than three children. Justin, Hannah, and Harrison. And then my add-ons...

Right now they're eating corn dogs and talking about all the different foods they like to eat and what they like to dip them in.
Gotta go...I have some darlins' to tend to.