Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Father's Day To You II

This morning we greeted Bruce again when he came home from work. And once again we lined up against the wall so we were in direct view of when he opened the door. When he saw us there he started laughing and we began singing Happy Father's Day To You, ending it with "Because YOU can fix anything!"

Justin handed him his gift for today.

Reading his card...

Because he's DAD, and dad can fix anything, we gave him things that he could put up in his shop for those times when he might need them. Fuel injection cleaner, super glue, stainable wood filler, caulk for windows and doors, some kind of ruler with a moveable level on it...no rhyme or reason, just stuff that'll come in handy one day. lol
Love you, honey!!! You're soft and cuddly and you can fix anything!