Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Father's Day To You

A friend of mine mentioned back at Mother's Day that her son and husband had been surprising her all week with a card and a gift for Mother's Day. I thought that was a terrific idea for Father's Day. So this morning we started Bruce's Father's Day, week-long celebration.

I read a church sign last week that said, A father that kneels before the throne is a dad you can look up to. Bruce is certainly a dad his children can look up to. He spends a lot of time in the Word and prayer. And I'm thankful for that. He cares about his children's lives, their present circumstances and most definitely their futures.

He carries a burden on his shoulders that I, as a wife, will never fully carry. I can help him carry the burden, but the majority of the weight is on his shoulders. He is a wonderful husband, a wonderful dad, and I love him for those reasons and many, many more!!

The kids and I got up at 6:30 and waited for him to get home from work. We lined up against the living room wall, directly across from the front door. When he came in I snapped his picture and then we sang, "Happy Father's to you...." The look on his face was so funny. Normally he comes in to a quiet house, takes his shower, and sits down for his Bible reading and prayer time. So seeing us all up like that, standing there in a row against the wall, took him by surprise.

After we sang to him, I read him this poem:
Happy Father's Day to you
This entire week in June
We will meet you in the morn
with a happy, happy tune

Each day we'll have a gift
Especially for you
To let you know we appreciate
Everything you do.

Then he read his first Father's Day card of the week which basically said, "Happy Father's Day, Let the fun begin." It couldn't have been more fitting for the week, now could it?

He received a new Beautyrest, firm support pillow this morning because he is soft and cuddly.

Once he read his card and received his gift, the children kissed him, wished him a Happy Father's Day, and returned their sleepy eyes back to their beds.

Tomorrow we'll do it all again...can't wait!