Friday, September 12, 2008

Special Family Visits and Sigma

We had a lovely and delicious dinner at my parent's home last night. Thanks, mom, your meal was superb! Especially the carrots.
We had dinner with my parents, mainly because my Aunt Janice (the most faithful contributor to my recipe blog) was in town. She left this morning to head back home. We don't see her often, but when we do it is always a good visit. We love her very much and hated to see her leave. She's my dad's baby sister.

This is her and daddy when they were little, living in West Virginia.

The house was pretty cold. As you saw above, Aunt Janice was wearing a sweat shirt and daddy and Harrison ended up cuddling under a blanket.

Mom was getting tickled at something here. I can't remember what though.

My brother, John, was able to make it too. His wife is in nursing school so we never see her anymore. But that's OK....just a little bit longer and she'll have a half-way normal life again.

For several years, it's been a running joke about Bruce being Aunt Janice's fiance'. So last night, after all these years of being "enganged", Bruce made it official by surprising her with a big lolipop ring. It was so funny. I'm not sure what was more funny....him giving it to her, or her wearing it and showing it off the rest of the night. LOL

Wow, folks...look at it sparkle!

Aunt Janice, I know you'll read this blog post, and I just want you to know how good it was seeing you and hugging your neck! We love you to pieces and wish you were closer.


Wednesday night was when the Sigma teams picked their team colors, Greek name, VPs, etc. Now they're brainstorming ideas for RUSH night. After their team meetings, we came back together for verses, special music, and preaching.

Our team, the Chi Alpha UFC (Ultimate Fighters for Christ) had the special music.

Justin W was freezing and wet. It was POURING the rain and he got caught in it. All the way down to his feet. He ended up having to take off his socks. They were literally wringing wet. So he stayed pretty well bundled up during the night.

My sweet Hannah-girl.

Preaching time!

It was a great night, I thought. They did good choosing their names and mascots. Can't wait for Rush Night!