Saturday, September 27, 2008

Weddings and Birthdays

I have scads of wedding pictures here. So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy. Johnathan and Jennifer finally tied the knot! There was a wonderful turnout and it was a lot of fun. I was happy to be a part of the celebration.

The father of the bride.

The bride...she was sitting there in the nursery talking with her grandmothers when we got there.

The grandmothers....aren't they pretty?

Missy did Jenn's hair. It looked like she had just stepped out of a magazine cover.

Spencer is Johnathan's brother. LeAnna is Jennifer's cousin. Spencer and LeAnna are dating.

The groomsmen

The sound man

The platform

Pastor Goodman

I found the groom and his brother shaking off the jitters with their instruments before the ceremony began.

Jeremy and Nathan lighting the candles.


Here comes the bride. Even though this picture is too dark, you can still see the smile on Johnathan's face as he watches his bride walk down the isle.

Being given away. Pastor Goodman said some sweet things about the two lovebirds. They were both brand new babies when Pastor took the church and he has watched them grow up together.

Time for the official ceremony!

Mark and I sang two songs today. The first was I Cross My Heart and the other was Household of Faith.

LeAnna and Spencer sang a song too, but I don't know the name of it.

Lighting the unity candles

Praying together

Pronouncing them husband and wife, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.
Their first kiss as husband and wife
Me and Mrs. Tammy...She's our pianist and also Hannah's piano teacher. She did such a great job on all the piano playing!
The bride and groom with his grandmother
Look at those happy, happy faces!

Bridal pics at the reception
The wedding cake
The groom's cake
They had two tea fountains and water. I didn't taste the tea, but everyone said it was super sweet.
The refreshment table consisted of Chick-fil-A nuggets, sausage balls, several veggies, chips and dip, cocktail weiners, and fruit.

The workers
From what I understand, Mrs. Janet did the reception and the food for the rehearsal dinner. She did an OUTSTANDING job!
Cutting the cake
Feeding each other the cake

Jennifer got a little carried away with the wedding cake and shoved it in the groom's face. Shame, shame! But very funny!

Flowers on the cake table
Mrs. Ava was working the chocolate fountain table.

Bruce and I noticed Levi kept getting tea from the tea fountain. At one point he stopped and looked at us, rolling his eyes and said, "Mama and Sissy keep sending me up here for this stupid tea." LOL
And finally after eighteen dozen pictures and all the wedding formalities, the bride and groom sat down to eat.

There was a Muslim at the wedding also. Who let her in, we'll never know.
LeAnna, Jennifer, Johnathan, Spencer, and Bruce
Table decorations
The flower girl
The gift table

Throwing the bouquet
Mrs. Vondie (mother of the groom) had just accepted losing her son to Jenn. LeAnna caught the bouquet and Mrs. Vondie said she was NOT giving Spencer up anytime soon! So she tried to take the bouquet away from LeAnna.

Throwing the garter

The bride and groom in their bubbly exit

Me and my groom
Chris, groom, bride, Dana. Dana was the wedding director and did a fabulous job! The wedding was beautiful and everything went smoothly.
Me and the happy bride

Ready to go!

His poor car
After the wedding, we attended the surprise 30th birthday party of one of Bruce's buddies from church. SEAN!
The party was at the town hall and Sean was coming thinking that it was a family reunion. Joe did the cookin'.
Sean's wife, Christy, made some really cute desserts. These were little cupcakes that looked like popcorn in a popcorn bucket.
This giant hamburger was actually the birthday cake. Christy made it. It was so awesome looking.

Cupcakes to look like corn on the cob.
The hamburger and hotdog table
Missy and her really big smile
Sean with daughter Alyssa and wife Christy

Pastor praying over the food
Freida and Mott serving the food
Hungry younguns
Singing Happy Birthday to Sean before cutting the cake
Christy had a karaoke set up and it was hilarious!! Bruce and Sean sang Dixie together. Bruce was way too into it. LOL

He also sang Danny Boy.
With a big finish. LOL
This cracked me up. I was singing My Country 'Tis of Thee and when I turned around, everybody had their hands over their hearts. LOL
Even the children enjoyed the karakoe. I think here they were singing Sweet By and By.

We went outside for a couple games of volleyball. As we were playing, Brother Daniel started yelling out Joseph's name. We all looked toward Joseph and he was playing in a mud puddle. He stood up to look at his daddy and lost his balance, falling face first right back into the mud.
Which could not have been more appropriate considering the shirt he was wearing. It said I love monsters, mud, and mess. He had the mud and he had the mess. Which turned his dad into the monster! LOL
Sean opened his gifts and it was like a children's birthday party the way all the little ones gathered around to see what he got.
Alyssa didn't really care what daddy was getting for his birthday. She was just happy to have something sweet. She was enjoying it too!
There was a playground in the town hall yard. Needless to say, most all of the little ones were barefoot, but their shoes were filled with sand.

It was a loooooooooooooooooooong day. But it was such a good day!
Congratulations John and Jenn! We love you and are praying for you.
Happy Birthday, Sean! And may you have many, many more!.....cause we had a lot of fun and wanna do it again!