Thursday, September 18, 2008

I had a doctor's appointment today, which went well. Everything went good. I do have a little problem, but nothing some temporary meds won't help. No bid deal though.

While I was sitting in the examination room, I heard a familiar voice in the hall. So I put down the "Dear God...." book I was reading and popped my head out to see if it was who I thought it was. But I still couldn't see them. I knew they were in the lab so I said, "Is that my little daddy I hear out there?" And then I saw his head pop around the corner of the wall with a funny look on his face trying to figure out if he was really hearing me. He said, "Is that my little bunny rabbit I hear?" So we stood in the hall chatting briefly before the doctor let me go. We stepped into the waiting area and there sat mom. She had a doctor's appointment also. It was like a family reunion there today.

Daddy and I stopped at Hardee's for 20 apple turnovers. No, we didn't eat them all. He ate two and I had NONE! He did offer me one, but I turned it down and had a small hamburger and medium water instead. The eighteen other apple turnovers were taken to the eighteen employees at our doctor's office for an afternoon snack. Wasn't that nice of daddy?

When I got home, the kids and I cleaned house, did a little laundry, and packed for vacation. I haven't packed yet. But I have all my gear together. I just have to throw it in the suitcase.

So! That's it for today...below are pics from last night's Sigma meeting. You can click on them to make them bigger.


Daddy came down to Sigma last night as a little moral support for Gary...MEOW... who was giving devotions.

Gary...MEOW...did an EXCELLENT job on devotions. You could tell he had looked things up and studied and prepared. It was great!

After devotions we had our game time. LeAnna and Monica are sporting their neckties...which were used to blindfold their eyes while they were spun around in circles before having to walk to a box in the middle of the room and drop a straw. Crazy, I know...but the kids had fun playing this game.


Some of the guys



Justin C



Erica looks like she might be getting ready to fall over. LOL

Preaching time

Bruce did a trumpet solo...we wished he hadn't. LOL