Saturday, September 13, 2008

Date Night at the Golf Course

Some of our friends wanted us to go to the park last night, but we had our date night ahead of us and I wanted to play golf! I love my friends, but Friday night is date night and we were going permitting, of course. I kept waiting for the rain to fall, but it never did. YAY!

Bruce took me to a par 3 golf course. We had intended on playing nine holes but ended up playing thirteen or fourteen before my ankle just couldn't take it any longer. I had such a great time and look forward to doing it again. Maybe next time we'll get there a little earlier and have more daylight.

We played eight holes before it was so dark we couldn't see anything. So Bruce asked the man running the shop if we could play one more hole on the lighted course. He told us to play as many as we wanted over there. So we took advantage of it and did. Which was only a few holes. But it was still fun knowing we could play a little more. I enjoyed it so much.

After about five holes I finally figured out how to hit the ball in a relatively good manner. I was trying too hard to whack it. Once I found my nitch and stopped trying so hard, I was able to hit the ball and actually watch it go somewhere besides three feet in front of me. OK, it was going a little further than that...but not much. LOL I also have a tendency to go left.

I had Bruce keep score because I wanted to see how terrible I did. You know how I LOVE even numbers? Well, my score was an even seventy-eight...on just nine holes. LOL We didn't count the extra holes we played. Bruce's score was 31. He was encouraging though. He kept telling me how good I was doing. We had a good time and more than a few laughs.

Thanks for being patient with me, honey. Can we go again? Huh? Huh?? Huh???

When we got home and were settled again, I looked up from playing checkers and this is what I saw. Now how sweet is that?