Saturday, September 20, 2008

On The Road...

I dropped Justin off at his computer class at 12:30 today. Almost no sooner did I get home, I received a phone call from Justin to come get him. It was five after 1:00. His instructor was sick so she reviewed some things with them, gave them a quiz, and sent them home. When I got home with Justin we packed the car and hit the road.

I typed the address of our hotel into my trusty Mio and she talked to us all the way. "Turn here...Thur there...Stay to the left here....." Harrison was watching the clock on the Mio the whole way. When we were 30 minutes from the hotel he said, "I love it when she says, 'You have reached your final destination.' I don't know what a destination is, but I know it means the trip is over." LOL

We passed a Keebler truck on the highway and it made us all remember Maw Maw's homemade chocolate chip cookies she baked for our trip. So we broke into those and boy, were they good!! Thanks, MOM!

I found Harrison like this while he was watching a DVD on his DVD player. He was trying to block the sunlight from his screen. lol

Hannah and Snuggles were getting ready to take a nap.

And Justin was just was listening to his iPod.

Not a great pic of me, but oh well...I just wanted to prove I'm actually on this trip too.

When we checked into the hotel, Bruce and I ran up the street to Wal Mart to do a little grocery shopping. We have a full kitchen so we stocked up on a few necessities. When we came home, put our things away, and settled down it was 11:30. LONG DAY!