Sunday, September 21, 2008

More Vacation Pics!

The kids in the pool below our balcony.

The beach from our courtyard.

Our balcony is the eighth one up.

This is the ship at the Pirate's Cove where the "water park" is.

Inside the ship.

Part of the lazy river.

This part of the lazy river goes under a bridge and waterfall.

Bruce and Justin in the lazy river.

Bruce under the waterfall.

This is a one foot pool. Very cute.

The indoor pool.

They have a great wall mural of pirates.

These buckets are also part of the lazy river. They fill up and dump on you when you go under them.

Harrison and Hannah

Bruce in the jacuzzi.

Harrison in the stocks.

And then was funny 'cause his head almost got stuck. hehe

There are two things we always do when we go on any trip. One is have our family putt putt tournament. This time, the winner chose the restaurant for supper. Bruce always wins, so we figured McDonald's dollar menu was what we would be ordering from tonight. lol

Me and my babes.

You didn't think I'd have a different color ball, did you?

The course was very pretty.

Uhh....Bruce just couldn't resist this photo-op.

So of course he made each of us pose on the poor little zebra.

Justin always has to be different.

It was very difficult getting on here with a skirt.


Bruce and his babes.

Justin's hole in one pic.

Hannah's hole in one pic.


Pretty pink flowers.

Harrison's hole in one pic.

My hole in one pic. I actually had two hole in ones. YAY me!

Even with two hole in ones, Bruce still won. Right next door to the Safari Jungle Putt Putt was an Outback. So that's where Bruce chose to eat. I had the Alice Springs Chicken and salad. I have plenty left over for tomorrow's lunch.

The second thing we always do is make a trip to Krispy Kreme doughnuts. This is NOT on the diet, folks! And I admit it...I ate one. A cream filled glazed. And it was soooooo good! Oh, Rebecca....pray girl, pray!

Thanks, hon. We all had a blast tonight.

Bruce and I may walk the beach in a little bit. Either that or end up at the gym. Personally, I think about 30 minutes on the treadmill is in order. I'll let you know later.