Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day

Labor Day is over, but I saw this at Susan's blog, By Grace, and wanted to do it too. In honor of Labor Day, this is a meme about child labor!

How long were your labors?
Baby #1 - six hours
Baby #2 - 5 hours
Baby #3 - Have no idea. I was in and out so much I lost all track of time.

How did you know you were in labor?
Baby #1 - Steady contractions began at church on a Wednesday night. By the time church was out, it was time to go!
Baby #2 - Water broke
Baby #3 - Induced....life or death

Where did you deliver?
Baby #1 - Air Force Hospital, Wiesbaden, Germany
Baby #2 - Our local hospital here
Baby #3 - Carolina's Medical

Baby #1 - nothin!
Baby #2 - Epidural
Baby #3 - They had me on so many drugs I barely remember that entire day. lol


Who delivered?
Baby #1 - Dr. Nelson, Air Force Colonel. I saw a NUMBER of doctors and midwives during my first pregnancy, never seeing the same one twice. Out of all of them I had prayed to have Dr. Nelson deliver Justin and he did!!

Baby #2 - Dr. Shiro...another answer to prayer!

Baby #3 - There were several doctors and teams. I hadn't met any of them before that day. I do remember waking up thinking to myself that he was too young to deliver my baby. But he did. He and a couple of others and about 12 nurses it seemed like.

With each delivery, by the time I was in........FULL LABOR.........I stopped speaking all together. Very quiet. Said everything I needed to say to Bruce with my eyes pretty much. I do recall one time while giving birth to baby #2, my mother in law was rubbing my back. Normally, this would make me happy, but that particular time it was making me ill. No, not ill on my stomach. Ill in my mood! I whispered to Bruce to make her stop. I recall a slight chuckle from someone. But it did stop and that's all that mattered to me.