Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Revival with Larry Brown II

We wrapped up our revival with Brother Larry Brown last night with a packed auditorium.
Tradition (out of our church) sang.
My baby boy lol

Gary...MEOW! (inside joke)
The front porch boys.
Voices of Faith (out of our church)
Pastor Goodman preaching...before the preaching started. LOL

Brother Brown

The text was Job 1:10 and 42:10. His sermon was on building the protective hedge of God, which is something I've always known is important to do when you pray. We need to pray a hedge around our spouses, ourselves, our children, our families, our home, our friends, etc. Here were Brother Brown's points:
When Job prayed a hedge, he prayed...
*A personal hedge
*A property hedge
*A prosperous hedge
*A hedge that Satan could not penetrate
*A heart that Satan could not provoke
*A harvest that Satan could not prevent

Through all of his losses, Job worshipped. What gave him a strong relationship with God before his losses, got him through his losses.

Brother Brown was pointing out how God brought Job up to Satan. Which when you think about it, said a great deal about Job. God had great confidence in Job. I wonder what kind of confidence God has in me.
Saying Goodbye
Last night was Brother Jeff's last service with us before leaving for boot camp today. We'll miss him while he's gone, but not near as much as his wife Michelle and their three children. Please pray for him and his family these next few months. They're all going to need it!