Thursday, September 25, 2008


Lisa, from A Place to Land, gave me this award. Thank you, Lisa! I've known Lisa for several years. We met outside of the blogging world when she and her family started coming to our church. They don't get to come anymore because they live so far away, but every once in a while they show up and bring a smile to our faces. We wish they were closer!!!!

The rules for this award are to tell six things you value and six things you do NOT support. After sharing these things, you pass the award to six blogging buddies.

Six Things I Value...

*I value my salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ. Without Him, there is no hope for the future beyond this life.

*I value my husband. I have seen several marriages fall apart in recent years and I have learned to never take Bruce for granted. To always put him before myself. And to give him the time and attention he needs from me.

*I value my children. They are such a responsibility and God chose me to raise them in His WORD. I must die to self to show them Christ.

*I value my Christian heritage. It was given to me by my Christian parents who love the Lord and showed me the importance of giving my time and effort to serving the One who died for me. I want to pass that down to my children.

*I value my church and my Pastor. There are many good churches in the area that we could attend and be a part of. But I value my church because our Pastor councils us from the pulpit through the foolishness of preaching. I am disturbed at those that sit under this kind of preaching and when their lives falls apart, they think that counseling sessions with the Pastor is going to help, when they've been receiving counseling all along. They just waited too long to hit the alter and get their lives with God straightened out. If they aren't listening to the Pastor while they're sitting in the pew, why would they listen to him while sitting in his office? I don't get it. My church is not perfect, for I am its member. But church days are God's days. And I'm thankful that God is first there and that the Holy Spirit is honored.

*I value my friends. I have many friends. Some on different levels of friendship, but all my friends just the same. Each one holds a special place in my heart and each one is valued for different reasons. I know who I can count on when I need a laugh, a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold, and someone to pray with me. I don't have a best friend outside of my sweet Bruce. But all of my friends are the best!

Six Things I do NOT Support (Uhh, this one is a little rough, at your own will.)

*I do NOT support Barack Obama...'nuff said!

*I do NOT support abortion! Life begins at conception. There is ALWAYS a beating heart before abortion takes place. That heart does not belong to a kitten, a puppy, a bird, or any other living creature that has a heartbeat. It belongs to a human life. Never in the history of a woman giving birth has there been anything OTHER than a human being born. Even in the "blob" state that so many abortionists like to call it, there is a human life inside of the womb that God placed there for a reason. And that reason was not to be murdered.

*I do NOT support prisons where inmates are given TVs, college education, work out equipments, and steak dinners. Why should I and the rest of the country support a life of luxury for a PRISONER when a majority of this country can't provide those things for themselves and their own families?! The whole point of being in prison is to be punished. What kind of punishment are they learning from, when they have all kinds of amenities to enjoy while they're in prison? What happened to chain gangs and keeping idle hands busy? And please, liberals, don't comment on how bad life can get that would cause people to do bad things. Or how bad life is in prison when you're locked behind walls and electric fences, unable to see your family on a day to day basis. If it's so bad, then why do we have such a turnover in the prisons. No sooner do they get out, they're right back in.

*I do NOT support the public school system. At one time our government run schools taught reading, writing, and arithmetic. They taught our children the basics of education and left the rest up to the parents. NOW, we (tax payers) spend billions of dollars on educational institutions where our children are taught abstinence or at least good birth control methods. A lot of good that's done! We're still pushing thousands of under-aged pregnant girls through the school systems. And a lot of these school systems have day care programs where the girls can "check in" on their children between switching classes. Not to mention the total disrespect in the kids. Not all of them, but most of them have a disrespect toward those in authority over them, including their parents at home. Our schools are nothing more than over populated, government run day care centers.

*I do NOT support prime time TV dramas geared toward our children. Something that has gotten under my skin is that our society has become overly sympathetic. There's a new show on TV now called The Secret Life of the American Teenager. She's pregnant and now they're "dealing" with it. Of course this airs on ABC "family" where liberal views like pro choice are sponged into the thinking of our kids watching this show. And on the other side, there is Lincoln Heights. Another liberal show that takes a mixed teenage couple and puts them in adult situations. Now she thinks SHE's pregnant. Ratings must have dropped when American Teenager premiered. I understand that "these things happen." But we, as parents, need to take a Biblical stand when dealing with these situations. Why in the world a parent would allow their child's head to be filled with this junk is beyond me. Garbage in...garbage out!

*I do NOT support political correctness. Besides our society becoming overly sympathetic, we have also become overly sensitive. We have become a country of cry babies. Let's just go back to calling it like it is and let's stop walking on egg shells around everybody. You can still be nice and say your mind. If you are always offended by what others say or do, it sounds like a personal problem that you need to learn to deal with.

Oh me....did I just say all of that?

I'm going to pass this award to all of my blogging buddies. I can't keep track of who wants awards and who has award free blogs. So if you'd like to participate, put the award in your sidebar and let me know when you post.