Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Brother Sam Delaney

Justin does great impressions. My favorite, though, is when he does Brother Tony Hutson singing. I just love that one. lol So when I picked him up from a revival at Brother Boone's church tonight, he immediately began telling me about the visiting preacher he and Hannah heard. His name was Brother Sam Delaney. He's from Ireland and lives in Alabama. Justin said he had the greatest accent of Irish mixed with southern. Justin began imitating Brother Delaney and Hannah was laughing saying, "That's exactly the way he sounded!" They said the more excited Brother Delaney became, the more of the Irish accent you would hear. He preached on carelessness. They both took notes, so if I remember to ask them for them tomorrow, I'll share his points with you.

Justin had gone to play bass and guitar for Voices of Faith. He said Darrin Aldridge was there and he's one of our favorite mandolin players. As a matter of fact, he is best known for his mandolin pickin', although the kids said he didn't play his mandolin tonight, but the guitar instead. So, oh well...maybe next time.

I'm glad they were able to go tonight. Thank you, Mrs. Tammy, for driving the van safely to and from the revival meeting. They had a great time.

I forgot to tell y'all something Harrison said the other day. The boy LOVES peaches. He'll eat a whole large can of them if I'm not watching. I had bought several fresh peaches when I went grocery shopping and watching his dad eat one, skin and all, he decided he wanted to try one too. I told him he might not like it because canned peaches and fresh peaches were a little different but he insisted that he would. So, I gave him a fresh peach. Before I could make a suggestion to peel it, he sunk his teeth right into that peach. His eyes grew wide, his jaw quickly unhinged to release said peach, and he snarled his nose in disgust. Hannah and I immediately started to giggle. She asked him, "Do you want me to peel it for you?" He replied, "PLEASE!" I said, "Harrison, I thought you said you'd like it." His face grew matter-of-fact as his hands went up, "I will, but not when it's growing fur!"

He did eat the fresh peach.........and he loved it.