Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Makes Everything Purdy!

I was taking this picture from my back door last night and forgot to turn my flash off, which caused the reflectin of my camera over top the purdy snow. I thought it looked kind of neat.

And then some purdy trees this morning!

The sun was shining through the trees in this one. Purdy! Purdy!

Just a purdy winter wonderland!

The trampoline was even purdy!

This was not purdy! My neighbor's house had a tree fall on it last night.

And then we heard another pop later of their other tree splitting down the middle and falling in the road. This was not purdy either.

But look at the purdy blue skies behind these purdy trees!

And on these purdy trees!

Ain't that tree purdy too?

Harry and Ridick playing on the swingset in the purdy snow!

Justin was making purdy snowballs.

And they also made a purdy snowman.

Justin hit purdy Hannah in the head with a purdy snowball.