Friday, March 13, 2009

All Hearts Are Clear

Bruce has been experiencing chest pains for some time now. The other morning he had an episode and was very pale and I'll admit it scared me a little. So I called to set him up an appointment for a full physical.

We don't go to the doctor unless we're sick. I mean what's the point of a well checkup? We already know when we're well. Anyway, the last time he was in the office to his doctor was 2005. So needless to say he had to fill out a slew of paperwork. You know, each one a different color of the rainbow.

He was finally called back and put on the scale. No one's favorite part. I think that's why they do it first. To get it out of the way. Lots of anxiety goes along with the scale. Did you know?

And then of course, there's always the wait in the examining room.

I'm glad I went with him. He got a little bored and eventually...needed adult supervision.

He started playing with the little ear thingy, watching the light on his hand. He tried to talk me into letting him look in my ears, but I was afraid the doctor would walk in and catch us. lol

He then decided to use the other little thingy as a microphone. I dunno...

I scolded him for playing with the doctor's tools. But he did not take me seriously.

Dr. Smith stopped to take a quick pic in the hall. :)

Bruce and I walked down to the lab for his blood work. Here's Mr. Tough-man waiting to be pricked!

And then the prickage!

Not so tough now!

The doctor ordered an EKG, which came back in the doctor's words, "..SUPER." That sure did set Bruce's mind at ease. And mine too.
Since Bruce was fasting before his appointment because of the blood work, we checked out and stopped for pizza to take home to the kids.
We've had lunch and spent some family time together. No date night tonight. Third shift and only three hours of sleep makes Bruce a sleepy date.