Sunday, March 1, 2009

Busy Weekend!

For our date Friday night, Bruce and I hung out at the mall and then had dinner at Fatz. Denny's was on our list of restaurants, but we decided to skip over it.

This picture is cracking me up. I love him!

Our server was Lora. She was the sweetest little thing! She's a student in college and had such a bubbly personality. It was nice getting to know her. I gave her my blog addy so she could see her picture.
HI LORA! Thanks for being such a doll the other night!

After supper, Bruce ordered us both the brownie bites with ice cream and hot fudge. Oh dear...was it ever good!

I couldn't eat all of mine, but that didn't bother Bruce. He ate mine too!
What a mess! Half my meal was taken out in a to-go plate. My teenage vaccuum cleaner had it scarfed down ten minutes after we got home. lol

Saturday evening we met the kids from our youth group at the church and ventured on an outing to the Concord Mills Mall.

Brother RJ and Mrs. Liz drove the girl's van, while Bruce and I drove the boy's van.

It was really icky out!

When we finally made it to the mall, we ate supper in the food court, then split up in groups. I walked the mall with Raven and Alexis. Those are a couple of funny, funny girls! They rode this simulator but said, " was lame." So I guess they were less than impressed.

We hit a good many stores! Girlfriends like to shop!

Caleb was telling me all about the different cars that were parked in the middle of the mall. He LOVES cars!

"E" was showing me her Nine West shoes she bought. Aren't they pretty?

Hannah bought a new purse, wallet, and necklace.

The kids took some time to stop in the mall and chat with each other.

Jeremy and Evan

Mrs. Liz packed Brother RJ up with lots of new goodies, which he had to carry to the van because she wasnt' finished shopping yet! hehe

*sigh* My son

Kendra-girl! Pretty smile!

I saw this woman at the food court and I want my hair just like that! lol

The snow was coming our way up from Georgia so Pastor was doing something a little different tonight seeing we would probably have to leave early. He had the preacher boys from ABC come up and preach two to three minute messages. They did such a good job seeing they had no previous warning. The first one up was Doug.

The second was Nathan.
Between Nathan and Bradley the new trio I sing with got up to sing and so I didn't have my camera when Bradley preached. Then we sang again and I didn't have my camera when Troy preached. So I missed them. But I'll get 'em eventually.

The last thing we did tonight was baptize. Celine got saved the other week and wanted to be baptized tonight. What a sweetheart. Her mom wanted me to get pictures, but I didn't realize we would be staying at the piano for so long. So by the time I got my camera and got to where I could get her being baptized, this was the only picture I got.

Pastor dismissed us earlier than usual because the snow was coming down fast and hard. It was pretty scary driving home. All you Northerners out there are thinking, "HA! What snow?" But for us who never get it like this it was something else!

Hannah took a pic of me with snow in my hair.

Bruce and the kids opened the back door to see the snow. Bruce made a snowball and tossed it over the deck. It landed right on Tipsy's head and this was the reaction from Harrison. I'm sure they're going to LOVE playing in the snow tomorrow!!