Monday, March 23, 2009

We started revival with Brother Arthur on Thursday. I was so ready for these services!!

Thursday night, Brother Archie Watkins from the Inspirations was there and sang a few songs for us. He is recently retired and when he heard that Brother Arthur was going to be at our church he called Pastor and wanted to know if it would be all right if he came. Of course Pastor said yes! We enjoyed having him with us.

Of course the Front Porch Boys were in regular attendance. lol

Friday night after revival, Michelle E had a special time of fellowship for her husband, Jeff, who had just returned home from Army boot camp.

Everyone was ready for the party! Especially the little ones!

Sweetheart, Meghan! She's been a Pastor's wife here lately, as her husband fills in for a church in a nearby town. We sure do miss their family at Faith. It's just not the same without them there.

Mrs. Pam...she's been under the weather this week, with that terrible cold virus going around.

I love Katrina's smile in this pic. She totally cracks me up sometimes.

Justin C

My buddy, Dana.

Jeff, our Army boy. He wasn't feeling well and eventually ended up in the hospital Sunday morning. Come to find out, he had Strep. Hopefully he'll be all right soon.

LeAnna and her little brother.

LeAnna's little sister, Mashaela

Saturday night, we had our youth choir sing, but also invited the youth from other church's to come up and sing if they wanted to. They sang, I Remember the Day.

Sons of Faith sang too.

After the special youth service we welcomed all the visitors down for pizza and snacks.

Chris and Dana...I have no idea what Chris is doing. lol

Bruce enjoying his pizza.

And here comes the crowd!
Brother Arthur preached a sermon Saturday night called "Do Not Disturb." He was preaching on being satisfied where you're at in your Spiritual walk with the Lord and how we've put out the Do Not Disturb sign to the Holy Spirit, instead of allowing Him to grow us more in our daily walk with Him. Also placing the Do Not Disturb out to Him during worship. A lot of us, including myself, need to flip that sign!
Good stuff!!