Friday, March 20, 2009

Got BBQ?

Daddy picked me up yesterday and took me to lunch.

We stopped at the bank for some money and he wanted his picture taken by the growth chart. I think he's shrinking...seriously.

He took me to a Kyle Fletcher's Barbecue and Catering in Gastonia. When we pulled in the smoke was pouring from the back of the restaurant and the smell of beef and pork permeated the air.
And just who would be behind the glorious smell in the air, drawing people from far and near, but Kyle himself! A nice man with a welcoming smile and a friendly word.

When we walked in the building I was amazed at all the UNC memorabilia. I thought to myself, "If these people like BBQ the way they like the tar heels, we're in for some good eatin'!

The Tar Heels weren't the only sports team promoted, however they certainly did dominate!

I got a little tickled at this wall ornament. Check out his blue horns.

Even the ceilings were decorated with pictures and jerseys.

I thought this collection of helmets was interesting. I liked how they were mounted.

And let's not forget the display case full of UNC figurines, snow globes, soda bottles, and footballs.

And only in the south can you find a roll of paper towels on your table. Another sign you're about to get some good eatin'!

I ordered the pork and daddy ordered the beef. Under those fries was another portion of pork! That's a lot of food.

Daddy put their BBQ sauce on his beef, which is on my list of new favorite sauces by the way, along with their hot sauce. Which was beginning to make him sweat. No kidding.

The atmosphere was great and the customers were your typical southern patrons. Friendly and hungry. While we were eating, Bruce's Aunt Marie and cousin Ray came in. In honor of yesterday's game she was wearing her UNC sweater. She blended in quite well with the decor.

They do good business there. Sure signs of that were the numerous take-out orders from people on their lunch breaks and the phone ringing off the hook for orders.

The servers had that southern hospitality touch and kept the sweet tea comin'.

By the time I finished my lunch, I was full as a tick and ready for a nap!

I'm glad dad and I were able to eat lunch together and I'm glad I know about this new restaurant. We'll be back, for sure.

On the way home from lunch, we stopped at a local convenient store in town where daddy bought John a Root Beer to go with his BBQ lunch and a cow tail. He was so full, he was having trouble getting out of the truck.

John was one happy camper when we handed him his lunch!

He works for Lithium Corporation and just as I took this picture the guard yelled at me for taking pictures. It's not like I was wearing a turban!