Sunday, March 8, 2009

Youth Conference with Youth Evangelist Greg Lentz

Last night, we took the youth group to a youth conference at a church in Gaffney, SC to hear Youth Evangelist Brother Greg Lentz.

(Mrs. Liz)

Bruce and me! To be honest, I had completely forgot about the meeting. I had been thinking about it and praying for it through the week, but when I got up Saturday morning there were things I needed to do that day and I just completely forgot! Until I was making up the bed around noon and it all of the sudden dawned on me! YOUTH CONFERENCE!!





(Jessie and Chris)

(Cassie, Taylor, Hannah, and Kendra)

Pastor Phillips...he's the Pastor of the church that was holding the conference.

Some of the youth that arrived early were asked to form a choir. They did a very good job.

And of course, being the home church of the Phillips Family, they were there to sing.

(Brother Greg Lentz) Brother Lentz's message was aimed directly at young people. Of course there were adults that benefited from his preaching as well. I know did. He preached on the choices we make and whether or not our choices will bring consequences or rewards.

Invitation time!
There were several that were saved. Two, in particular, were twins. Brother Lentz made the comment, "They were born at the same time. And they were born again at the same time." I thought that was sweet.

After the service, the church fed everyone pizza and hot dogs.

(Justin, Spencer, and Jeremy)


(Jamie and Justin)

I'm glad we were able to go. It was a good service.