Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ooops! He Did It Again....

My mother stopped by today with the best pan of lasagna I have tasted. Oh, it was so good. Hannah, Harrison and I enjoyed a nice lunch with her. It was so delish.

Mom, thank you for thinking of us. We enjoyed our short, but precious visit. The next time you need a pan washed, feel free to stop by. *wink* and haha

During our short, but precious visit, we received a phone call from Justin, who had, once again, locked the keys in the car. Remember the last time he did that he was stuck at chick-fil-A. Thankfully, the last time Hannah and Harry locked the keys in the car, Bruce finally broke down and had another key made. I was just glad he didn't call to say he had lost the key. This morning he kept putting the keys in his pocket but they were falling out. He has a rather large hole in that pocket. I suppose his mother will need to mend them.

Justin pulled up a little after lunch in Bryan's work van and retrieved the spare key. But not before downing a bowl of maw maw's lasagna. He was one happy and full-as-a-tick camper when he left.

The Lord has really answered a prayer for Justin. Although his job at the Mission board will start picking up here soon with the lovely weather we've been having, he needed a little extra more income to go toward fixing up his car and other things he's needing to save up for. He has prayed and prayed for a second job and the Lord answered his prayer. He has been firm about not working on Sundays or Wed nights. No one wants to hire someone who won't work those days. But that's OK. His Aunt Cindy needed someone to help her with the doll beds that she sells on ebay. Which, by the way, are BEAUTIFUL! Click here to see the beautiful handcrafted 21" doll beds. They fit the American girl dolls. OK, so now that I've done a brief commercial for the beds, let me get on with my story. :) We were thankful for the opportunity the Lord gave Justin to work at Kingdom Woodworks, Bryan's custom cabinet shop. This is where the beds are made. Justin will help with the beds and also anything Bryan and his partner, Bill, need him to do. Both men are good Christian men and I can't think of any better environments for Justin to be working in than the Mission board and Kingdom Woodworks! God is good!