Monday, January 31, 2011

Open House

There is so much great news at our church right now. The new church wing is getting closer to being completed, people that have left the church are coming back, and we've got a load of brand new members. It is great to have so many new members, and it is such a blessing to see some former members come back home.

I haven't posted on our new church building in a while. Last night we had open house before the evening service. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done, but the men in our church that have been working on it have worked non stop and they're doing a wonderful job.

This post is for everyone, but mainly the people in our church that weren't able to be there for the open house. A few of them that couldn't make it asked me to post pics for them so here we go on the tour. And I hope y'all are feeling better soon.

This will be the foyer. Just as you walk in, and to the left, there are two bathrooms. If I'm not mistaken, all the plumbing is finished and installation will be done soon.

This will be the kitchen. There will be several stoves, two large microwaves, and I think she said two giant refrigerators. I can't remember what she said on those. Lots of counter space and Brother Wayne will be making a large double island that can hook together and come apart for serving in the banquet room. That'll be nice.

This will be the banquet room. I can not WAIT to see this room set up for its first fellowship.

This will be the kitchen pantry. Lots of room and a place for deliveries to be made directly into the kitchen.

The window there where Harrison is standing, looks out into the gym. It will be great for concession.

Left side of gym...

Right side of gym. This gym is massive. I couldn't believe it. There will be lots of fun activities going on in here with all the children in the ministries we have going on. It will be SO NICE to have this facility.

There were, if I remember correctly, four or five classrooms that will be used for Patch and bus ministry.

This room will be the prophets quarters. The room over in the back is the bathroom. Lots of room! There is also another room that will be for children when a visiting missionary or evangelist brings their family along.

This room is off the banquet room and will be used for storage.

And this is the hall coming out of the gym towards the classrooms.

This last pic is for Brother Wayne. He liked how the old building and the new building match perfectly, even though the old building was built a long, long time ago! Here's your pic, Brother Wayne! :)

I still need to get new pictures of teacher's workroom, music rooms, and bathrooms that were added to the original building. It looks so good.
And thus concludes your tour. Can't wait until everything is finished. Gonna be nice!

God is good. He has blessed us with a way to expand our ministries and I am looking forward to seeing what happens over the next several months and years.