Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year's Eve 2010, New Year's Day 2011

Mom left her bingo game at our house the other week so for New Year's eve we invited our moms over for supper and bingo. Bruce had gone out and bought some prizes and we had a great time. He was our game caller and he was a riot.

Bruce's mom had a good time. I think this was the first time she had ever played a game with our family. We'll have to do it again.

My mom won the first four or five games before Bruce made everyone change cards. LOL

Bingo...who would have thought it was so much fun?
They didn't stay 'til midnight, but that was ok. When they left we watched a movie with the kids. It was over five minutes before midnight. So we counted down the minutes and HAPPY NEW YEAR! It was 2011!! Can you believe it? Wouldn't it be great if the Lord came back this year?
For New Year's Day we went to Bruce's mom's house for her traditional New Year's Day meal of ham, blackeyed peas, and greens...with other fixin's of course. I do not like blackeyed peas, but if you'll look closely you will see my one little blackeye pea I ate. I didn't even chew it. Just popped it in my mouth and chased it with water. LOL

Bruce's oldest brother and his family were bringing in the new year in England and his younger brother and his family were bringing in the new year at their home in Virginia. So his oldest middle brother and his boys were there. This is Barry. You'd never guess he was Bruce's brother, would you? ;)

My sweet Hannah-girl.

My nephew, Elijah.

My nephew, Zach.

My silly son, Harrison.

My sleepy son, Justin. :)

My sweet mother in law, that cooked all that good food....and the blackeyed peas. haha

My silly husband. Like father like son. You know?

Bruce and his baby girl.

It was a great couple of evenings with our families.