Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Ain't Never Gettin' Saved Again!

Our baptism has some heating elements in it so when we baptize someone the water is always warm. Definitely not like the good ole days when they baptized in the creek! Although, there are some churches that still do that today. I'd love to see one sometime.
Anyway! This little boy that use to come to our church moved away with his family to Canada. Since they've left, the little boy accepted Jesus into his heart and when they were down visiting he told his family he wanted to get baptized by Preacher Goodman at Faith. So his grandpa and the little boy talked it over with Pastor and set everything up. But this particular Sunday the heating elements were not working and the water was ICE cold. Mind you, we had just had our first big winter snow for these parts.
At first the little boy got in and it was just too cold and he was fixin' to back out and Pastor told him it was all right to back out if he wanted to. The little boy had mixed emotions about it. He wanted to get baptized, but that water sure was cold.

Finally after deliberating on it a few minutes the little boy's grandpa pushed him in the water to Pastor (with the boys consent, of course), pastor dunked him, and it was all over with as quickly as possible. It happened so fast I didn't even see it happen and I was on the front pew! You couldn't see the little boy but we all heard him proclaim, "I ain't never gettin' saved again!" We've had a good laugh over that. Kids are the best! You can't help but love 'em.