Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ladders, Giggles, and Demonstrations

And there she is! Our pink helmet-wearin' firefighter. She has a great smile and seemed to be a very nice girl.

The other female in the group might have to drop out because of a severe case of bronchitis. I hope she recovers quickly. Bronchitis can be so bad for some people.
ETS: This IS the female that was sick with bronchitis. For some reason I thought there were two girls in the academy, but when Justin read this post he said no, it was just the girl above. So obviously she is feeling better. That's good.

Justin called me today and said to come take pics. I told him I'd be there if I could, but was doing pictures for a little cutie pie, on top of school work. Fortunately everything was completed by a little after 3:00 and I was able to get to the academy just as they were getting ready to do the ladders.

I didn't mind it at first, but when my little boy started climbing up...and up...and up...I just aimed the camera and closed my eyes to shoot. I couldn't watch. Ok, not really. I watched. Of course I watched! They would climb one ladder and enter a window, walk the floor, then climb out another window onto another ladder. Now, the climbing up and into a window wasn't so bad. It was watching him climb out of the window onto the ladder that gave me the heebie geebies!

This is the part that got me. Ugh! He seemed to like it. Even though he's never been one for heights. I was proud of him.

Did I already say Ugh?


This is the little girl I took pictures of today. Isn't she adorable? She was so cute. I've only got to see her a couple of times and I really enjoyed having her here. She's a sweetheart.

We got so cracked up at this picture below. There was a neighbor's dog that came into the yard and she thought he was hilarious. She would hold her hand over her face and giggle. It was just so cute!


Justin has his state test for his EMT tomorrow. Which if you remember from an earlier post, we were praying they would let him go from the academy in time to make it for the test. They did! His papers were signed and he'll be able to go. Praise the Lord! So now, please pray he'll do a good job and pass. He made it home just in time to shower, eat, and head out to his study group.

Bruce is working a lot of overtime. The company that bought the company he works for wants production tripled, if not more. Which, if you live around here, you most likely need a job. So I'm thankful that he has steady work and even overtime coming in and it would be great if some people in the area were hired to fill some positions. Right now they have a freeze on hiring. Maybe when things settle from handing the business over to the new company, they'll lift the freeze. I don't know about right now, but I know that at one point our county had the highest unemployment rate in the state. I'm eager to see how this new company handles things.

I'm a little nervous about Saturday. I'll be giving a demonstration for a publishing company to a group of people from local churches in the area on the publishing companies VBS curriculum. I like the curriculum I'm demonstrating. It's fun, it's cute, it's exciting, it has some awesome craft ideas with it, and best of all, it is a clear presentation in giving the gospel to children. So I'm a little nervous but I'm ready. I think it'll be fun.