Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Of Steps and Pink Helmets

They told Justin I could come to the academy and take pictures when I wanted to, seeing they could use the pictures for a presentation at the end of the nine weeks. I would have liked to have gone today and I might still try if we can get all of our home schooling finished for the day. Harrison seems to be dragging and daydreaming a lot. I think this weather has affected him this afternoon. I should probably send him outside for a little bit and let him get some fresh air.

Anyway! I had my mom and mother in law over to eat supper with us last night. I fixed a pot of chili, mom brought cornbread, and I made pecan pie for dessert. Just about the time we were finishing up supper, in walked our cadet. Covered from head to toe in fireman gear, carrying oxygen tanks on his shoulder, ropes, belts, a duffel bag I could hide in full of equipment, books, etc. You name it, the boy had it. When he walked in the house I greeted him at the door and he said, "What is that I smell, mom?" "It's chili with all the fixin's." His eyes rolled back and he smiled, "I am so stinkin' hungry." He dropped most of his gear, put away the rest, and washed up to eat.

As we sat with him around the table talking and listening to his stories from the day, he mentioned that one of the things they might make you do is run steps several times. Now, that doesn't sound too terrible, does it? I mean, I'll be the first to admit that running up and down steps is not something I'd want to do or have a desire to do, but if I had to, I could do it.


The steps he's talking about are in this building from the ground floor, up....
uh-huh. I know that's right. You'd have to have a rescue squad waiting at the top for me. Ha! Top. I give myself too much credit. I do admire these young men and women, though, that put all they have into this training. It's not easy physically or mentally. And I pray for them, that the Lord gives them strength as they push through it each day.
You all know pink is my favorite color. If you click on this pic you can see that totally awesome pink helmet! If I were a firefighter, I'd be wearing the pink helmet. You can fight a fire and look prissy too!
Yeah, I'm diggin' it!