Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Justin started training at the fire academy last week. He was supposed to have started last Monday, but because of the weather and roads they did not start until Thursday. He left out of the house that morning grinning from ear to ear with a little nervousness behind his smile.

And after ten or eleven hours in school and physical training, he came home one tired cadet.

It's good to know, though, that one of the verses Brother Johnny preached from last week helped him through the three mile runs, the climbing up and down the stairs of "the building" and all the other PT.

Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." I'm sure that verse has been part of his devotions since beginning the academy.
He's been in school to qualify for EMT. His state test is during his training at the fire academy. He is hoping they will let him leave in time to make his test. He's worked hard and studied hard. If he passes he will be a certified EMT and it will help him with the rest of his training. If he misses the test he may have to do it all again. Pray they let him go for the test. We're pretty sure they will, but it's all up to them.
Here he is with some of his gear.

See the red rope around him? He has to have it with him at all times. If he's caught without it at any time while at the academy, they make them do certain things that require physical exertion. So he keeps it wrapped around him all the time.

He is into his second week and loving it. I'm proud of him. I know he will do great.