Monday, January 10, 2011

Let It Snow, Let It Snow....

Let it snow.
We've been anticipating snow for a week or so now. It started early this morning and we woke up to everything covered in white beauty. Hannah and Harrison couldn't wait to get out and play in it. We don't get much snow around these parts so when it does come we're very happy.

We took a snow day, like any other school. We slept in, I cooked a late breakfast, and we've been watching old movies most of the day. I have a lot of Christmas movies and one we didn't watch this year was Miracle on 34th Street. So we started with that one. We're watching musicals now. I'm sure my kids are thrilled. ha!

Trying to figure out what I'm cooking for supper. I have no idea. On days like today I want something warm and thick that sticks to the ribs. But what? Any suggestions? Mom has my mouth watering for cornbread from an iron skillet. So I know we're having that. But man can not live by bread alone. :D

Justin had his orientation yesterday afternoon at the Fire Academy. He was suppose to start today, but the weather closed his classes. He was so disappointed. Last night he was all pumped up and ready to go. Under normal circumstances he enjoys the snow. But it kind of threw a wrench in his plans so I don't think he loves it as much today as he did the last big snow we had here.

Hannah has been enjoying her Kindle most of today. I found a zebra print skin for it at Amazon. It was $20.00, but I got it free with my swagbucks!! :) I love swagbucks. If you don't know what swagbucks are, you can check it out in my sidebar.

Harrison has had fun playing in the snow with the neighbor. The one bad thing about living in the south where you rarely see snow, is that snow gloves are hard to come by. Bless his heart, his fingers are red and icy when he comes inside to warm up. Knitted gloves just don't do the job!

Bruce started a new schedule for the next six weeks or so that will bring him some overtime. It is a "curse" and a blessing at the same time. I say curse because he'll be away from the home more than usual. We miss him when he's not here.

We had two people saved at church last night. A fourteen year old boy and a visiting lady that came with another member. The services were great yesterday. Especially last night. I love it when the Lord moves and souls are saved.

I finished editing the wedding pics from last week. I can't wait for the bride and groom to see them. I think they'll be happy.

I hope you have enjoyed your day as much as I've enjoyed mine.