Sunday, February 1, 2009

Snow Tubing at Jonas Ridge

Our family went snow tubing with mine and Bruce's Sunday school class. We had a lot of fun! We stopped at a little country store before checking in. Celine and Logan were happy with their extra long laffy taffy.

Bro. Ken

Mander and Harry

Robert and Joy. They've been visiting our church and we were so happy that they were able to join us on this outing. I hope they had a good time and we didn't scare them off. I don't guess we did because they were at church this morning. HA!

Tammy checking us in at Jonas Ridge.

Clayton and Justin in line to go up the cable.

Nicole and Cheyenne waiting to go up.

Bruce and Harrison waiting to go up!

My Sweetheart

My little sweetheart. He had a great time. Up the hill...down the hill...up the hill...down the hill...for two solid hours. He had a blast.

Joy at the bottom of the hill. Woo Hoo!

Hannah and Bruce coming down together.

I thought the roots on this tree were interesting. They wrapped around this big rock and it just looked cool.

Bro. Ken and Tammy getting back in line.

Bro Ken sportin' the new do. lol

Bruce on the cable line being taken up the hill.

Brother Ken falling down. Good thing his tube was behind him.

Me! Weeeeeeeee!

Bro Chad relaxin'. Notice the sign above his head? I don't think he ran all day!

My beautiful girl

Bro Joel and Pam haha

Pam and Missy.

Justin is there in front, followed by Clayton, and that's Todd's feet. lol

The lodge

People going up the slope.

The kids were funny how they all came down the hill together. They were giggling the whole way down. Very funny!

Beautiful Faith

And beautiful Gracie

Mander and Chris after flying up the hill at the end of the slope.

Brother Greg....don't you just love the hat?

Hannah and Logan. Logan was Hannah's shadow for the afternoon. She had some funny stories to tell us about their conversations. She loved spending the time with him.

Brother Greg stayed in the lodge while we were playing. He just had surgery and there was no way he could play with us.

Wow, don't I look good?? Don't answer that unless you can be nice! lol

Kendra braiding Celine's hair.

Pam relaxing in front of the fire.

Harrison and Celine.

Mander and Chris watching Harrison and Hannah.

Bro Joel and Pam. Bro Joel looks like he's on drugs or something. LOL

Janet and Greg!

Bruce and me. We sat with Robert and Joy and got to know them a little better. I was glad of that.

Logan was kickin' it with the chicks at the girl's table.

Robert and Joy!!!!!!

Tim and Angie

Ken and Tammy

The boy's table

Caleb standing on the frozen water in the fountain at the restaurant where we ate lunch.

The water fountain....pretty, huh?

Icicles on the side of the mountain. Aren't they pretty?

And this pretty much sums up how we all felt at the end of the day. Isn't that precious?

This video is of Bruce on the slope

This is Pam and me coming down the slope.

And this is a video of Pam, Bro Joel, Bruce, and me going down together.

We had a great time. I'm glad we were able to go.