Friday, February 6, 2009

Where Did We Eat This Week?

Bruce and I had our weekly date tonight, even though he had to work. It was nice to squeeze in our routine. :)
As you can see we were wearing our red shirts for National Red Shirt Day in awareness of heart disease. Did you wear your red shirt today?

OK, for you local sinners that place wages on where we end up eating on Fridays, if you guessed Ham's Restaurant, you would be correct. Again, I fully expect a portion of your betting money. To give to the church.......of course. :P
Bruce outside of Ham's Restaurant.

Me in Ham's

This was our server, Wythisia. She was so sweet and funny. Had a great laugh and was a terrific server. HI WYTHISIA!! I told you you'd be famous tonight! Thanks for serving us with such a great smile and attitude.

I love their chips and ranch dip. Yum!

While we were dating, Hannah was babysitting Carissa while her parents and Celine were at the Atlanta Hawks vs Charlotte Bobcats game. Bobcats lost by like five points, I think.

Her curls are so pretty.

Check out that smile!

And one more cheese!

We had a good night tonight. Dinner was great and especially since we ran into four of Bruce's old school chums at Ham's, one of which he hasn't seen since graduation. Along with all of their little bitty ones. I was like WHOA, our kids are almost grown and they're kids are just starting out. We started our family way before them! LOL

Well, that's that. Tomorrow will be a busy day doing my grocery shopping and working at the fellowship building for our Valentine Banquet, which I am really excited about. It's going to be so pretty! I can't wait.