Thursday, February 12, 2009


Justin had a couple of friends over tonight after church to watch the Carolina Duke game.

From left to right is Evan, Justin, and Jeremy. Evan and Justin are Tar Heel fans. Jeremy is a Duke fan.

I have no idea what kind of smile this is. lol

Hi-five on Carolina! Jeremy thought if he stood up Duke would do better. So Evan and Justin stood up to cancel out his good vibes on Duke. It worked.

Time for a little horse play.

Jeremy wanted to squash Evan.

Justin wanted to squash Jeremy...who was squashing Evan...poor Evan.

I don't know what Justin was doing here, but he looked funny.

Justin was commenting on how skinny Evan was after he and Jeremy squashed him.

More horse play.

Evan getting ready to hit Jeremy. (Don't freak out Theresa...Evan didn't really hit him.)

Arm wrestling on Evan's head.

Hey, let's squash Evan again. LOL

The sad Duke fan.

The happy Carolina fans.

Every time these boys get together there is some kind of shenanigans going on. But they are such great boys. I'm thankful Justin has friends like them.