Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Little Peek and I'm A Winner!

As you know, we've been working on our Valentine Banquet. The theme this year is Evening In Paris. It's going to be very pretty.
Mom was busy ironing table cloths.

This is my buddy, Kim. She was cutting gossamer....lots and lots of gossamer! But she did take a moment to smile for the camera. :)

This is Tammy C's window. But it does not stand alone. I just don't want to show a pic of the whole thing because it'll give too much away!

This is me under some awnings. One of which needs to be adjusted, I see.

The banquet is going to be so lovely! Can't wait.

OK, I have some cool news! A local steak house in our area was having a Valentine's Day contest for the best essay on how " and your love fell in love." I've always liked Bruce and my story anyway, so I thought it would be fun to just tell it to someone else. I wrote my essay and sent it in. Honestly, I had fun doing it, but I figured there would be so many people writing in for that free meal I probably wouldn't win. It was several weeks ago and truthfully I had forgotten all about it.

Well, yesterday when I came home from working at the church, Hannah stepped outside to tell me that this particular steak house called. At first I was wondering why they would be calling and then it dawned on me it must be because of the essay. I was right! I WON! I never win anything!!!

I was so excited. The manager just went on and on about our story and how it had them laughing in one place and little teary-eyed in others. She said they (the staff) voted unanimously that we should win.

So Friday night my Valentine and I will be having a romantic dinner for two. The manager said to call an hour before we came because they wanted to go the extra mile for us and they couldn't wait to meet us.

Now how cool is that?