Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowls, Decorating and Happy Birthday, Janet!

We were supposed to attend a Super Bowl party after evening service but we're still down to one vehicle. And since Bruce had to work last night we came on home and watched the game here before he had to leave. Well, I mostly cleaned the kitchen.
When the Panthers lost to the Cardinals a couple of weeks ago, sealing their fate on not going to the Super Bowl, I decided I would pull for the Cardinals. While cleaning the kitchen I listened to the game and my men as they hooped and carried on. It was so close for the Cardinals at one point. But alas, the Steelers pulled through and are now the Super Bowl champions of 2009. I suppose this means they're going to Disney World.


Today was such a long day, but it was my own fault. Last night while blogging and gearing up for a day of couponing, I looked up and it was after 1:30 a.m. It was then that I realized I had to be up early to take Justin to the college so I could do my grocery shopping.

elapsed time

After dropping him off I headed to Dollar General and then the Dollar Tree. Two stores where I did not buy groceries, but it was early and they were opened. lol
I came home for a little bit to drop off some things I purchased for Hannah and headed back out to do my real shopping. I hit my first grocery store and not too much success there. Although it wasn't a total coupon deals there were one tube of Colgate toothpaste for $1.50 and two jars of Pace Picante sauce for $4.00. After coupons, the total without tax was $2.50. Then I hit my next store and, although I feel I did pretty good on groceries there, I didn't make any coupon deals.
Just as I was walking out of the store it was time to pick Justin up. Good thing this grocery store was right across the street from the college. lol


This evening we had a work night for our Valentine Banquet, which will be here before we know it! We had fun and actually accomplished a lot! Our theme this year is An Evening in Paris.

Mom doesn't normally make it to work nights, but I think she had fun helping with what she could. Being limited to pretty much sitting or standing, she was still able to use her hands to help do things that would just take up time the rest of us could use working on other projects that involved crawling, climbing, etc. It was a big help that she had all of these Eiffel towers unpacked and ready to be used. She also wrapped boxes in granite paper, and I'm not sure what else. But it was a big help!

While Mrs. Ava worked on her bistro windows, Wendy, Brenda, and I worked on corrugated paper punch outs.
Mander and Liz worked on our granite walls.

April was wrapping "stone blocks" that I later hot glued to the top of the walls.

Mrs. Vickie and Pam worked on the awnings for the bistro.

Mrs. Ava had an idea for her windows using the corrugated paper. Her flower box turned out lovely....oui? Now we just need to figure out how to hang them. lol

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MRS. JANET!!! My sweet little buddy and sister! We celebrated Janet's birthday during our work night. Did you know she was forty?

Mrs. Ava had some goodie snacks!

Mom and I gave her a really cute pajama set with cupcakes and cherries on them.

Mom and Janet...I just don't know what to do with these two.

And Mander...she's always cuttin' up too. What gets into these women? Do they not know how to behave and be normal?

Pam and Mander both give the answer to that question...