Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Are You Missing the Rainbow?

One of the things in the devotional Mrs. Ava gave out the other night on Seeing God's Grace In Disgraceful Times was taken from Genesis 9:8-17 and asked a few simple questions about God's faithfulness to Noah. What was God's Promise? To whom was it made? And what was the sign?

God promised Noah He would never again destroy the earth by flood. He made that promise, not only to Noah, but to Noah's seed for perpetual genertations. And not just Noah's seed, but to every living creature. That promise was made, even to the animals! The animals were even precious in His sight and God showed mercy to them because of Noah's faithfulness.

The thought I had here when reading this devotion was about the rainbow. God put the rainbow up for Noah as a sign of His promise. A sign of remembrance.

When Justin was very little, maybe two or three years old, we were sitting on the front porch of my parent's home. Daddy all of the sudden gasped and said, "Look at that beautiful rainbow!" Just above a grove of trees you could see the bright colors glistening in the sky. It was truly lovely. But Justin was missing it. His little eyes could not find the rainbow. We pointed it out to him, I don't know how many times, for a good twenty to thirty mintues. He never did see the rainbow. To this day when he can't seem to understand or figure something out, daddy and I will say, "He's not seeing the rainbow." We get a giggle from it, remembering the time we had pointing out that rainbow to him.

But going back to my thought...from a humanistic point of view, when we see the rainbow we automatically think of how pretty it is and how amazing it is. It really is amazing! But how many rainbows have we viewed in our lifetime and thought of God and how He has kept His promise to us. Not only the promise of never destroying the world by water. But every promise He has ever made to us?

The next time you see a rainbow, remember to thank God for His touch of beauty in the sky. But also remember to thank Him for promises kept.