Saturday, February 21, 2009

Arlene, Date Night, and Are You Going Expecting?

Friday afternoon I received a question from my bloggy friend, Arlene, on how to pronounce our last name. Besides her written question being almost confusing, it totally cracked me up. So I felt the need to call her and tell her exactly how to pronounce it. I think we surprised each other, hearing each other's accents. I thought she had one. She thought I had one. LOL I'm sure she thought I was a prattling magpie the way my mouth was going a hundred miles a minute. Somehow I doubt that took her by surprise. But you never know. As soon as we hung up from one another I started snickering at what must have been going through the poor dear's head. And then I got ready for my date with Bruce.

Friday night's date night was spent at Bridges Barbecue. People in these parts that are familiar with this locally owned restaurant will be surprised to hear that this was our first time there! Yeah, I know. It was really good and we were STUFFED when we walked out. Or rather...waddled out!

Very informal decorating, but I do love the piggies on the concrete patio table outside.

Wow, I didn't realize my tights were so bright!! I should have worn a longer skirt. LOL

After supper we walked the mall a bit and ended up at Chick-fil-A for a milkshake. I ordered peppermint chocolate chip, but I think it was just chocolate.
Which was fine. It was still good.

Today (Saturday), Hannah was privileged to babysit for a new family in our church. She had such a good time with the children and I think one of them, especially, won her heart. I'll explain that to their mom Sunday. :)
While she sat with the kids, Justin worked the bus ministry, Bruce worked on his truck (yeah, I know), Harry played with the neighbor, and I went grocery shopping.
The day really got away from me. I have no idea where it went, but now I'm tired and ready for bed and looking for blessings at church tomorrow!
I've been thinking and praying about a blog post to do after a conversation I had about our service last Sunday night. At first I didn't think too much about it. But after thinking about it off and on this weekend, I have some thoughts that are stewing in my head. LOL You know how that is. So maybe Monday or Tues I'll get that out.
I really hope y'all have a great Sunday. Remember, if you go to church EXPECTING blessings, God will surely give them to you. If you go expecting nothing, you'll most likely get that too. Nothing!