Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ladies Bible Study at the Gondola Restaurant

Last night we had a ladies Bible study at the Gondola Restaurant. The Gondola is a lot like Olive Garden. I had the chicken Parmesan with pasta and marinara. The chicken was good, although not NEAR as good as Brother John O's, and I didn't eat the pasta. The pasta would have been all right but the marinara smothering it was nasty! LOL So I filled up mostly on bread and salad. I'm sorry y'all...I'm not much for Italian restaurants. But my church people LOVE 'em. I have to say, though, the chocolate cheesecake was the bomb! Thanks, mom, for sharing.

Me and my mommy...

On the way to the restaurant, we passed my brother, John, going home from work. What a goofball.

I may not have been overly impressed with the food, but it was the fellowship I looked forward to and enjoyed the most. We have the BEST group of ladies in our church! And a new one that I missed seeing there last night. Maybe next time, Joy!

You get forty to fifty women in one room and we can get pretty loud with talking and laughter.

Some of us just sit quietly and smile. *yeah right*

Don't let these angelic faces fool ya!

Hi, Angie! :)

Mrs. Linda talking...as usual...ha haaaa, Mrs. Linda, I love you!

Mrs. Lemuel was taking it all in.

Mrs. Ava, our pastor's wife. She is the best in the world!

L'il Mrs. Kellie R. She used to dodge my camera, but now she just stops and smiles because she knows it's pointless to dodge it.

Mrs. Carolyn enjoying her drink. She's our youth choir director. ALSO the best in the world!

They had pretty lights in the restaurant.

I was surprised when Amy pointed out that they were plastic.

This shot was just for fun. lol

Still talking and laughing while waiting on our food to arrive.

Mrs. Colleen and mama.

More fellowship

The salad....

Pass the bread, please! More salad, please! I need dressing, please!

Missy!! :)

Hi, Sam!

Mrs. Ava had prepared a lesson on how God smiles at us, even when we don't deserve it.

She made us these little booklets to finish the Bible study on our own this week. I'm looking forward to doing that this week.

Just before Mrs. Ava began the Bible study, the desserts came.

Theresa doesn't eat "real food" so she ordered three desserts. I don't know how her sugar stays under control. lol

Meghan was very excited about her chocolate cake.

Pam wanted to join in on the sugary delight as well.

We were happy that Elizabeth (our Ambassador Bible student) was able to join us. It was sweet of Cammie to bring her.

And then Mrs. Ava began her study. She broke us up into groups to look up passages and discuss how God smiled on certain people in the OT. Basically she wet our appetites to finish the lesson. It was really good. Although undeserving, God's grace is abundant and poured out on us in these very stressful times.