Thursday, October 30, 2008

DRAMA...From the Stars!

I recently wrote our Christmas play and this past Sunday night I asked Brother RJ and Mrs. Liz if they would consider being in the play as the "mom and dad." I was pleasantly surprised to see how excited Mrs. Liz was and how quickly they both agreed. That made me happy, 'cause, you know...I worry about stuff like that. ANYWAY! I asked if they wanted two scripts or if they wanted to share. "No, two scripts aren't necessary" they said, "We can share." Later that night, I received a phone call from Brother RJ...oh, excuse me...his manager *ahem*, that Brother RJ thought it was quite ironic that I would ask if they wanted two scripts when Brother RJ had only three lines in the play. Not to mention.........he dies.

Apparently, this has bothered Brother RJ for the last several days, so he decided to write his Play Resume` and personally hand it to me last night. No doubt in hopes that he would be given a larger, more important part in this year's Christmas play. I will share his resume` with you now.

Play Resume`
RJ P-----
Youth Pastor, Faith Baptist Church
*Pee Wee Pirate
*Abraham Lincoln
*Patch Pirate....3 years
*Sock skit
*Dad - in some play
*Roomate of top star at BJU
*Electra Cution
*Speech minor in college
*Master of Impromtu
Bruce and I liked the last one best. We may start calling him MASTER RJ, instead of Brother RJ from now on.
Quite an impressive resume`, wouldn't you say? However, after going through his list of qualifications, I have come to the very difficult decision to keep his part in the "Dad".... who dies....with only three lines.
Sometimes the Lord uses things like this to keep us humble.